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I AM on a mission here. All my work life I have been passionately interested in business leadership and spirituality. To me money and spirit are different sides of the same coin. They are energy. Energy can be used by Self-Realized individuals working together with mutual respect for common good. Group Consciousness means exponential WE Power. Integrating Full-Brain & Full-Heart in a balanced way. Highest feminine-masculine qualities of Shaman Leaders.

Shamanism is the original spirituality of humanity. Shamans - men and women - are the true leaders of their communities. Just like best leadership practices, shamanism is based on everyday tools that work globally in all civilizations. In short, shamans know how to embody power in all their bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Business leadership is all about power: individual and in groups. Compassionate unlimited power with wisdom.

Thus, it is only natural to combine the most advanced qualities of leadership and shamanism in simple business tools that work effectively and efficiently for individuals, teams, and groups. Anytime and everywhere. Shaman Leaders are energy masters that have an expanded toolbox of full human potential. I believe Shaman Leaders is a community-based business model. Wisdom from all corners of the Earth is needed. It's about YOU! It's all about US! Together!

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Why You Should Join Me

Shaman Leaders are energy masters of all their four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. They are able to embody unlimited power in their everyday work life to be shared with all stakeholders. 

Shaman Leaders fully embrace the New Leadership 12.0 Paradigm: transition from me's to Me to WE Power. Self-Realized individuals living in Group Consciousness: creating & being happy together.

Shaman Leaders are found in all civilizations. They live the highest qualities of both feminine & masculine sides of leadership. In this way they reach a Full-Brain & Full-Heart capability with unlimited power.

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A Big Thanks

Shaman Leaders is a global concept for New Leadership 12.0 Paradigm. They embrace full human potential: body-mind-spirit. They think with their hearts & feel with their brains. They trust in unlimited Full-Brain & Full-Heart power. They identify both with their individual selves and group consciousness. Shaman Leaders is all about US: you and me, men and women, young and old. WE Power! Thank you for being you! The real mightily empowered YOU with unlimited power!

LinkedIn Article: Global Launch of Shaman Leaders 2019:

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